Couples Counseling

“It’s the relationship that heals’” Irvin Yalom

Couples’ Counseling

Couples Counseling

Couples’ Counseling

Deciding to commit to counseling as a couple can feel intimidating. The first hurdle involves admitting your relationship has problems you need help solving, which is difficult to do.

Often, the idea of seeking therapy as a couple lingers on the back burner, with one or both parties thinking it could be beneficial, but also feeling unsure of how to proceed — and of whether there is a constructive solution to the unique challenges of your relationship.

Client Testimonial

Mary was able to help us see where we were projecting our past onto each other and helped us find ways to communicate in a healthier way.

-Betsy S

Just as with individual therapy, going to therapy as a couple can help you identify and work through “sticking points” in your relationship. It doesn’t mean one or both partners are at fault or have anything to be ashamed of, but rather that the relationship could benefit from a tune-up. A licensed marriage therapist can take you through a process that re-establishes a healthy, comfortable dynamic in your partnership.

Reasons to Seek Counseling as a Couple

If you and your partner are dealing with any of these issues, it may benefit your relationship to reach out to someone for help. Call to schedule your appointment.

  • 1. A Breach of Trust Broken trust is one of the most common reasons couples decide to see someone. Whether the infidelity is physical, financial or emotional, it can erode the foundation of trust at the basis of the relationship. Therapy can give both partners an outlet where they feel free to express themselves.
  • 2. Frequent Arguments Whether you and your spouse have fallen into a pattern of bickering over little things, or having dramatic shouting matches, constant arguing is a notable sign of significant unresolved problems in your relationship.
  • 3. Lack of Communication For many couples, one of the most tangible benefits of going to therapy together is learning how to reconnect emotionally and feeling like your partner understands and supports your daily struggles.
  • 4. Diminished Emotional or Physical Intimacy After spending years together, it can be challenging to keep the spark of intimacy alive. If you feel as if you and your spouse have been gradually growing apart, or you are having trouble connecting with each other, a skilled therapist can help you break negative habits and rebuild the strong foundation of your relationship.

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Every relationship is unique, but no matter what struggles you are facing, a licensed marriage therapist can help you work through them. Schedule an appointment with Mary today.


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